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The Hiking Group is a large sized business group jointly establi- shed in June 2002 by Hiking Group Co. Ltd, the Hiking Group has 132 holdings and joint stock comp-anies engaged in international trade, financial investment, logistics andreal estate development, with over 16,000 employees. Centered on the theme of "Integration, Reform and Development",the Group attaches much importance to integrating resources and structural reform, and has achieved good results in all fields. In thepast three years, the Group accomplished a total import and export volume of US$5.0 billion, with an average yearly growth of 30%, ranking first among all the foreign trade companies in Shandong Province. In 2004, the Group ranked 69nd among the "Top 500" import and export companies in China with a business margin of US$1.44 billion of which. In 2005, the Group had a business margin of US$1.9 billion, exports contributed US$1150 million. The Group is mainly engaged in the import and export of textiles,garments, artwork, agricultural products and by - products, electrom-echanical products and high-tech products.It has set up 37 specializedfactories for commodities such as diamonds and jewelry, textiles andgarments, hair products, non-ferric metals and aquatic products. Furthermore, it has set up wholly owned or joint venture companies in countries and regions such as the U.S., Germany, Belgium, Poland, Singapore, Japan, South Korea and Hong Kong. Adhering to the management concept of "Integrity, Innovation, Cooperation and Win-Win Development", the Group has established good business relations with thousands of clients in more than 150 countries and regions around the world. All its subsidiaries have pas-sed the ISO9000 certification. The Group has a team of capable andexperienced professionals for international forwarding, yard containermanagement, transport goods and distribution. The Group enjoys a good reputation in the financial field. It has been classified as aqualified organization for rediscount of commercial drafts by thePeople¡®s Bank of China, and has won such titles as "Class AAA"creditable enterprise and "Best Creditable Enterprise in Qingdao". With the support of the provincial government and related depar- tments, the Group Co., Ltd. Successfully reformed its property rights system, became the first of its kind in Shandong, and laid a good foundation for future development. Faced with new opportunities, the Hiking Group will spare noefforts to develop a high-tech-oriented international trade companyand related industries and eventually build it into a powerful moderntransnational business group as well as the largest international tradeservice provider with effective brand goods and a renowned corporat-ion in North China.