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The Background of High Hope Under the approval of Jiangsu Provincial Government and the Ministry of Foreign Economic Relations and Trade, three of the leading I&E enterprises in Jiangsu Province, which were Jiangsu Knitwear & Home-textiles I&E Corp., Jiangsu Native Produce I&E Corp., Jiangsu Medicines &Health Products I&E Corp., merged into one big group---Jiangsu High Hope International Group Co., Ltd. in December ,1996. Now there are seven specialized subsidiary corporations in High Hope: High Hope Int¡®l Group Jiangsu Knitwear & Home-textiles I&E Corp. High Hope Int¡®l Group Jiangsu Woollen Knit & Garmtex I&E Corp. High Hope Int¡®l Group Jiangsu Native Produce I&E Corp. High Hope Int¡®l Group Jiangsu Foodstuffs I&E Corp. High Hope Int¡®l Group Jiangsu Medicines & Health Products I&E Corp. High Hope Int¡®l Group Jiangsu Machinery & Medical Supplies I&E Corp. High Hope Int¡®l Group Wuxi Corp. In addition to the above-mentioned specialized subsidiary corporations, High Hope has set up regional subsidiary companies in Shanghai, Nanjing, Suzhou, Nantong, Jinjiang, Shenzhen and Lianyungang. The overseas subsidiary companies are located in America, Germany, England, Japan, HongKong, Russia and Romania. With an annual I&E volume of more than 400 million U.S. dollars, High Hope Int¡®l Group ranks among China¡®s 50 biggest I&E enterprises. The group has the total assets of 1.6 billion yuan RMB, in which more than 350 million yuan RMB are the net assets. The Scope of Business ---Deal in the import and export of a variety of commodities & technologies approved by the state and represent our clients in the same fields. ---Operate or help to operate self-funded enterprises, joint ventures, co-production, joint management ,compensation trade, processing with imported or supplied materials, manufacturing according to supplied designs or samples, assembling supplied components. ---Engage in entrepot trade, consignment trade, barter trade and border trade. ---Act as agency for domestic and overseas travelling, international goods forwarding, labor exporting, contracting, international economic & technological co-operating. ---Deal in real estate, futures, securities, finance and insurance. ---Handle the whole-sale and retail of various commodities approved by the state. ---Offer the services such as packing ,building & apartment decorating, advertising, exhibiting, entertaining ,restaurants etc.. WELCOME, DEAR FRIENDS! High Hope believes in the spirit "Customer the God, Credit the First, Service the best, Prominence the Goal". For a more universal and comprehensive conglomerate we are striving! Friends both at home and abroad, you are welcome to visit us, to develop and promote business relations with us! May our business prosper!