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CCCT and Fushion Exhibition to Co-host 2020 BIFE and BWFS


On June 27, 2019, China Chamber of Commerce for Import and Export of Textile and Apparel (CCCT) signed a cooperation agreement with Fushion (Beijing) Exhibition Co., Ltd. 2020 Beijing International Fur and Leather Products Exhibition (BIFE) and Beijing Winter Fashion Show (BWFS) will be co-hosted by the two parties in Beijing National Convention Center from January 6 to 8, 2020.
CCCT vice chairman Zhang Xinmin signed the cooperation agreement with general manager Xu Hongqiang of Fushion (Beijing) Exhibition Co., Ltd.
The two parties exchanged the agreement.
I. The significance of signing the contract
The China Chamber of Commerce for Import and Export of Textile and Apparel (CCCT) has more than 10,000 member enterprises and is the largest import and export trade organization on textile and garment in China. For many years, CCCT has been committed to providing enterprises with assistance in expanding overseas markets and building platform for cooperation in the textile and apparel industry. As a well-known exhibition organizer in fur industry, Fushion (Beijing) Exhibition Co., LTD has a significant influence and excellent reputation with rich international resources and experiences in exhibition organization.
The signing of the contract by the two parties will start a new chapter -- the country's largest textile and apparel industry organization and the renowned fur exhibition company, by fully making good use of both domestic and overseas resources and advantages to promote multinational business between textile and garment companies.
II. Exhibition influence
Themed as the first winter clothing exhibition of the new year, the 2020 BIFE and BWFS will set the tone for the fashion trends and market quotation in the year to come by showcasing the whole industry chain products, including fur series, fashion winter clothing, ski clothing, winter home textile, raw materials and accessories, fashion accessories and process designs and etc. The exhibition area will cover more than 30,000 square meters.
Based on “the Beijing International Fur and Leather Products Exhibition (BIFE)”, the exhibition has been held continuously for 46 years with a large number of overseas exhibitors, visitors and designers, including top international brands from Greece and Italy, and nearly 300 well-known enterprises from over 10 countries such as the United States, Canada, UK, Norway, Denmark, Finland, Russia, Turkey and China. The first Beijing Winter Fashion Show attracted China's top 100 textile and apparel export enterprises to show in clothing exhibition area. 
Professional buyers
BIFE has rich and stable customer resources and overseas buyers, including overseas dealers, agencies, fashion buyers and many overseas fashion brands from Russia, Japan, South Korea, the United States and other countries. It is an important platform and window for Chinese textile and apparel to enter the international market. BIFE is one of the world's three major fur exhibitions with more than 16,000 professional visitors per day, becoming an important indicator of global winter clothing industry. In order to provide more sufficient resources for the exhibitors, the first winter clothing exhibition will invite foreign organizations and enterprises.
Iii. Good prospects for the exhibition
China's sustained economic growth and the government's policies of stabilizing foreign trade and expanding domestic demand have provided a favorable macro environment for the development of textile garment and fur industry. By the chance of winter Olympics, the expo of winter garment-theme will become an annual event gathering Chinese exporters, manufacturers and overseas brands, buyers and designers of winter products.
BIFE and BWFS will promote the cooperation between different category of winter clothing by their commonness of fur and down coats, cashmere coats, accessories and ski equipment. Based on market demand and usage, the show could facilitate the unity of winter garment material and process that lead the industry to a high-quality development. Meanwhile, BIFE and BWFS set up a new foreign trade cooperation platform for winter clothing enterprises.
CCCT Contact: Li Hao, Han Xiao
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