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MOFCOM Announcement No.30 of 2013 on the Preliminary Ruling of the Anti-dumping Case against Pyridine


In accordance with the provisions of Regulations of the People's Republic of China on Anti-dumping (hereinafter referred to as the "Anti-dumping Regulations"), on September 21, 2012, the Ministry of Commerce (hereinafter referred to as the “Investigation Authority”) issued a formal case-filling announcement, deciding to carry out anti-dumping investigation into imports of pyridine originated in India and Japan (hereinafter referred to as the "product under investigation"), which is listed under tariff No. 29333100 in the Customs Import and Export Tariff of the People’s Republic of China.


The Investigation Authority has implemented investigation into the existence of dumping and dumping margin and the injuries to the pyridine industry of China by the product under investigation and the extent thereof and the causality between dumping and injury. According to findings of the investigation and Article 24 of the Anti-dumping Regulations, the Investigation Authority makes its preliminary ruling (see the annex). Relevant matters are hereby announced as follows:


I. Preliminary ruling

It is preliminarily ruled by the Investigation Authority that, during the investigation period of this case, the imports of pyridine originated in India and Japan were involved in dumping and the pyridine industry of China was materially injured, and there was a causality between the dumping and material injury.


II. Collection of security deposit


In accordance with Article 28 and Article 29 of the Anti-dumping Regulations, the Investigation Authority decided to carry out a provisional anti-dumping measure by collection of security deposit. Since May 28, 2013, the import operators, when importing the product under investigation, shall pay corresponding security deposits to the Customs of the People’s Republic of China in light of dumping margin determined by this preliminary ruling.


The detailed description of the product under investigation is as follows:
Scope of investigation: imports of pyridine originated in India and Japan.
Name of product under investigation: pyridine; Surname: C5H5N.

Molecular formula:


Chemical structural formula:


Physical and chemical characteristics: pyridine is a six-membered heterocyclic compound bearing one nitrogen heteroatom. That is to say, the compound is generated after one “Carbureted hydrogen (CH )”in benzene molecule being replaced by “Nitrogen (N)”. Pyridine usually is colorless or yellowish liquid with strong and irritating smell, lowly-toxic and flammable, and soluble in most organic solvents like water, alcohols, and ethers, etc..


Main usage: pyridine is a kind of basic materials bearing pyridine cyclic pesticide and pharmaceutical intermediates, also a kind of important raw materials for such industries as daily chemicals, feed, food additives and meridian tires, and can be used as a special solvent in such fields as pharmaceuticals and manufacturing, etc.. As a kind of intermediate raw materials, pyridine has its most extensive use in pesticide field, involving such pesticide varieties as insecticide, bactericide, herbicide, plant growth regulator and rodenticide etc., and could be used for producing such pesticides as paraquat, diquat and chlopyrifos etc.; with respect to the pharmaceuticals field, pyridine could be used for producing antineoplastic drugs, mental medicines and other medicines.


The product is listed under the Customs Import and Export Tariff of the People’s Republic of China: 29333100.
Rates of deposit imposed on companies are as follows:


Indian companies
1. Jubilant Life Sciences Limited 24.6%
2. All others 57.4%
Japanese companies
1. Koei Chemical Co., Ltd 47.9%
2. Daicel Corporation 47.9%
3. Nippon Steel Chemical Co., Ltd 47.9%
4. All others 47.9%


III. Methods of Levy of Deposit


As of May 28, 2013, import operators shall, according to the dumping margin of each company as determined in this preliminary ruling, pay relevant deposits to Customs of the People’s Republic of China when importing pyridine originated in India and Japan. The deposit shall be levied by means of ad valorem on the basis of dutiable value authorized by Customs, and the calculation formula is: Deposit = (dutiable value authorized by Customs x rate of deposit) x (1 + rate of import value-added tax).


IV. Comments


All interested parties may, within 10 days as of issuance of this Announcement, submit their written comments attached with relevant evidence to the Investigation Authority, which will consider the same according to law.

Ministry of Commerce of the People’s Republic of China
May 27, 2013