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Strategic plan to promote Galician textile & garment SMEs


The textile and garment industry, which has been affected by the financial crisis, is facing a serious problem, predominantly in terms of production. People purchase very few garments and their demand is also low.
The overall scenario of the sector is really grim. With this in mind, the Regional Minister of Economy, Javier Guerra, has decided to submit a strategic plan for the textile and garment sector within a short period to the regional government.
The strategic plan will focus on the setting up of a business model for a cluster of small and medium sized enterprises similar to the one on which Inditex, the biggest company located in Galicia, is based and which had paved the way for its success at the global level.
The plan will be based on four courses of action: reinforcing the main industry and its ancillary industries, providing financial assistance to the sector, globalization of the industry to increase overseas business prospects and the setting up of a monitoring committee to supervise the functioning of the industry.
The regional government plans to boost up the cluster of textile and garment units, reorganize the sector both financially as well as structurally, invest capital, generate employment opportunities and set up combined business action plans to increase sales.
Besides, the administration in Galicia is also putting its efforts to make possible the inclusion of small as well as medium-skilled managers with experience in global trade in the sector. Apart from this, the domestic textile and garment sector can be promoted by endorsing the brand ‘Galicia’.