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Brand New ¡°Exhibitors and Products¡± Inquiry System


Canton Fair official website has launched its brand new version of "Exhibitors and Products” (i.cantonfair.org.cn), which offers online inquiry of the latest and most comprehensive information of exhibitors and products of the 114th Canton Fair.

Canton Fair official website offers brand new "Exhibitors and Products"

The new "Exhibitors and Products" provides search service by category and keyword. In search by category, industries are divided into sub-categories in accordance with exhibition area layout, so that buyers can find exhibitors of the industries that are of interest to them more quickly and conveniently. Every exhibitor has one or several QR codes that are correspondent to its booth(s) in different halls; and by scanning the code, buyers can store exhibitor information in their mobile phones for future reference. The inquiry system is also equipped with navigation function, which will show the location of a booth in the map with one click. The new system still has functions of “Add to My Favorite”, “Print”, and “Send Email” etc, making it easy for buyers to collect exhibitor information.

The new "Exhibitors and Products" is also available for service on computers and tablets at major entrances of all halls of the 114th Canton Fair Complex.