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Chairman's Message


Established in October 1988, the China Chamber of Commerce for Import and Export of Textiles (CCCT) registers 12,000 member enterprises whose export and import trading volume in textile and apparel accounts for 70 percent of the nation as a whole. CCCT is the most industrially symbolized trade agency on the front of external trade of Chinese textile and apparels.


The accession to WTO, coupled with the development of Chinese textile and apparel industry and external trade contribute to the ever-increased activation of CCCT, represented by the newly-established connection with the industrial associations in such countries as the United States, Japan, South Korea, Italy, Germany and etc. Representing the industry, CCCT has been conducting series of consultations with foreign governments and corresponding associations to assist in settling trade disputes. CCCT has become the most internationally influential external trade agency in China.


In line with the principle of “Coordination, Guidance, Consultation, Service”, CCCT is devoted to the undertaking of external trade upon Chinese textile and apparels. Meanwhile, CCCT is activated in the settlement of issues confronted by the enterprises in external trade as well as the protection of the interests of both enterprises and the industry as a whole. Moreover, CCCT is committed to the fulfillment of every assignment entrusted by the government, to advices-proposing for government policy-making. To this end, CCCT plays a practically important role in bridging and bonding the government and the enterprises.


The year 2010 is still confronted with the repercussion brought by the era of post financial crisis. On one hand, little improvement on demands is witnessed by the international market, coupled with the numerically increased trade barriers. On the other hand, the prices of both domestic labor and production factors are surging continuously. The inflation pressure of CNY worsens the status quo for the readily suffering enterprises. The profit space for the majority of textile and apparel enterprises is so narrow that a reshuffling prospect for the whole industry is lying ahead. On this front, we are willing to join hands with the enterprises as a fair-weather friend in an effort to create a sound trading environment and to explore a transitional path for the survival of enterprises in pursuit of embracing a brilliant future.