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CCCT Profile


Established in October 1988, the China Chamber of Commerce for Import and Export of Textiles (CCCT), as part of the Ministry of Commerce is the largest textile and apparel trade agency both in China and the world. CCCT member companies, totaling more than 12000 and operating in 34 provinces and municipalities across the country, engage in the production and export and import of textile fibers, yarns, fabrics, clothing, home textiles, industrial textiles and accessories. The member companies comprise the majority of Chinese textile and apparel enterprises incorporating domestic manufacturers, export and import enterprises as well as jointly-funded operations, the trade volume of which accounts for 70% of the total export and import volume of Chinese textile and apparel industry as a whole.

The principle of CCCT is to protect the rights and interests of the industry and membership enterprises so as to promote the sustainable development of Chinese textile and apparel industry as far as its internal and external trade. The major function of CCCT shall be summarized as “Coordination, Guidance, Consultation, and Service”. Principle activities include:


1.    Protecting the legitimate rights and interests of membership companies, assisting them to address difficulties and issues, proffering advices to the governmental department in charge for policy-making.

2.    Assisting in governmental guidance and regularization of member companies operation, enhancing self and mutual discipline by curbing unfair competition and maintaining normal import and export trade order.

3.    Providing a preferential Export Credit Insurance Program for the membership small and medium-sized enterprises to inspire their export confidence, to expand export scale and to ensure export safety.

4.    Preliminary evaluation upon the application feasibility for the Small and Medium Sized Enterprises International Market Developing Fund.

5.    Providing membership enterprises with information upon the status quo of all the commodities in the international market.

6.    Offering such consultation services as trade policies, market and industrial trend, trade statistics to membership enterprises through annual report, researches, publications, the CCCT website, and the Textile and Clothing Channel on the Ministry of Commerce website.

7.    Managing the Textile and Apparel Pavilion in Canton Fair since membership is the prerequisite to attend the Fair. Cultivating and promoting export brand for textile and apparel industry.

8.    Organizing members to participate in trade fairs, professional exhibitions both at home and abroad with the purpose of developing the markets. Small and Medium Sized Enterprises Fund application for the qualified enterprises sending delegates to the exhibitions abroad with a view to joining CCCT.

9.    Hosting training sessions, lectures, seminars and etc. to address the issues concerned by the members.

10.  Establishing dialogue mechanism with the textile and apparel associations abroad; Promoting exchange and cooperation between domestic enterprises with their overseas counterparts through annual meetings, information sharing and matchmaking conferences.

11. Assisting members in the settlement of trade disputes, and protecting Intellectual Property Rights of the membership enterprises in coordination with corresponding departments.

12.  Setting up monitoring and alert mechanism for the sensitive products in textile and apparel industry, and organizing member enterprises respond to such trade barriers abroad as “safeguards” and “anti-dumping”.

13. Launching The Credit Grading and Estimation Standard and enterprises promotion system for the country’s textiles and clothing industry

14.  Assisting in brand set-up and R&D capacity for member enterprises through CCCT Innovation & Creativity Training Base.

China Chamber of Commerce for Import and Export of Textiles (CCCT) commits to the undertaking of Chinese textile and apparel external trade. We are activated in addressing the external trade issues confronted by the enterprises, in optimizing functional departments, and in protecting the interests of enterprises and the industry as a whole. Moreover, we endeavor to accomplish all the assignments entrusted by the government and proffer advices and reference for governmental policy-making. We also are devoted to promoting the restructure of apparel industry and its export and import trade so as to realize its sound and sustainable development. CCCT plays a practically important role in bridging and bonding the government and the enterprises. Meanwhile, we strive to enhance our international recognition level so as to set a stage for the domestic enterprises to learn from and exchange with their overseas counterparts. We are to promote the transformation of the country from a large textile and apparel base to a powerful textile and apparel nation.